Studio - Woodoo Studio
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Woodoo Studio produces creative contents for the communication. We design visual identities and websites, manage social media and press office, make photographic and video services, and plan events.



Project Manager
WS Founder


Project manager and marketing coordinator WS. Sensitivity, determination, proactivity, effectiveness. These are just some of the skills that Francesca brings to Woodoo Studio.




Web Project Manager
WS Founder


Strategic and artistic manager of the WS web area. Performer, teacher, artist, cyborg. These are the four words that describe the man in the Woodoo Studio network.




Graphic Designer



Pencil and graphic tablet, she is the hand that draws the studio, firstly on paper and then on a computer. Precision, openness, originality and freshness: the style for which it was chosen by Woodoo Studio.




Graphic Designer Jr.


An 360° designer. Candida develops graphic projects of WS while supporting other activities of the studio. Enterprising, constancy and lightness are the characteristics that brought her to Woodoo Studio.




Web Designer


The man of the WS codes. Web & Graphic designer with a particular attitude for virtual worlds. Research, attention, stubbornness are the three words that best describe his approach to Woodoo Studio projects.






Talented and sensitive, Anna is the photographic eye of the studio which observes and selects images of communication. Delicacy, clarity, taste and attention to detail are the virtues she brings to Woodoo Studio.


Woodoo Studio shares workspace with Laio Studio. Together, we started great collaborations and expansion of services in the field of Web design, Photography, Video, Render & VR.



Project Manager

Vr, Web Designer





Shalom Woodoo Studio



Graphic Designer
WS Founder


Responsabile Progettuale e Coordinatrice Marketing WS. Sensibilità, determinazione, proattività, efficacia
Sono solo alcune delle skills offerte da Lei per Woodoo Studio