Teatro Donizetti Foundation - Woodoo Studio
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Fondazione Teatro Donizetti


The Donizetti Theater is one of the most important centers of the cultural life of Bergamo. Of exquisitely lyrical tradition, “the Donizetti” also hosts a season of prose and contemporary theater. Francesco Chiaro Art Director designed the logo of the new Donizetti Foundation and the coordinated image.

Logo Foundation | Communication campaign | Video | Show historical route | Season Booklet Room cards | Brochure | Postcards | Posters | Totem

Anna Arzuffi – Photo + Iconographic Research | Rocco Fidanza & Alberto Dall’Ara – Video Making | Jacopo Biffi – Music & Sounds

Fondazione Teatro Donizetti Logo
Teatro Donizetti Programma
Fondazione Teatro Donizetti percorso

A history of magnificent changes

Realization of a photographic exhibition that retraces with archival images the architectural evolution of the theater from 1791 until today.

Volantino Fondazione Teatro Donizetti
Teatro Donizetti Libretto

Just enough time to come back wonderful

Communication campaign for the restoration of the Donizetti Theater.