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Suntrading & Sunsaving


Suntrading and Sunsaving are supply and energy efficiency companies. Their approach to customers is flexible and personalized, with an eye to the environment and renewable sources. Woodoo Studio deals with planning, communication management and public relations for the two companies. A clean-cut visual identity was developed for them to represent a company committed to efficiency and ecology.

Logo | Coordinated Image | Advertising Campaign |Billboards| Social Media Strategies | Sito Web Suntrading | Sito Web Sunsaving

Poliedro Studio – Web Agency | Rocco Fidanza – Photographer | Luca Gallo – Copywriter

Suntrading Logo
Sunsaving logo
Suntrading business prospect
suntrading sunsaving agenda
sunsaving agenda
Suntrading Documento
Suntrading Tavola disegno

Visual Identity

A new logo and a coordinated image have been created for both companies, based on all the material of institutional communication.

Sunsaving sito web

Responsive Website

A tailor-made website to describe the Suntrading services. Based on WordPress, Responsive, that can be readjusted on all your devices, highly indexable for search engines and easily manageable by the user.

Incentive Meeting

Organization and management of the “Designing Efficiency” convention with graphic material achievements, company gadegt and coordination of pre and post event activities.

Suntrading Lavori di ristrutturazione

“BSide” Projects  

Management of the sponsorship project for the restoration and redevelopment of the former Monastery of Sant’Agata del Carmine in Bergamo Alta.Photographs kindly granted by TTB Teatro Tascabile Bergamo.