Pratiche Woodoo a Sant'Agostino - Woodoo Studio
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Pratiche Woodoo a Porta Sant’Agostino


15 days of exhibitions and events organized by Woodoo Studio together with artists from the city of Bergamo. A reflection on images as communication media.

Pratiche Woodoo Logo
Pratiche Woodoo Logo colorato
Pratiche woodoo programma eventi

Solid Photography

Arthur Guillet only practices analog photography. His work takes us back to a dimension that is too often forgotten of profound care in the creation and perception of a photographic image , here presented as real “craft object”.

Ad alta Voce – Aloud

Giuditta Aresi, Elenia Beretta, Elisabetta Bianchi, Miss Goffetown, Mara D’Arcangelo and Anna Arzuffi are UA Collective; together with them we took care of a collective exhibition and a night of drawing.