La Tana Restaurant - Woodoo Studio
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La Tana Enoristorante


La Tana restaurant and wine shop is located at the foot of Bergamo Alta, combines the flavors of the local tradition looking always for high level raw materials always and offering dishes that satisfy not only the palate but all the five senses. Woodoo Studio has created for La Tana the restyling of the logo and a new coordinated image proposing a “clean” style combined with fizzy illustrations that represent the two managers Alessandro and Roberto Rodeschini.

Logo Restyle | Coordinated image | Window stickers | Packaging

Costanza Favero – Illustrator

La Tana Enoristorante Logo


Naming and graphic design for the 2 bottles Queta and Bria redesigned by Woodoo Studio. A unique object, a trait d’union of impact in harmony with the image of the restaurant.


12 bilingual placemats to tell the best recipes of Chef Roberto … and propose the right wine to match!