Bergamo per i giovani - Woodoo Studio
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Bergamo per i giovani


The new reference institution for the aggregation and training of young people in the city, which connects initiatives throughout Bergamo area. Woodoo Studio under the creative direction of Sara Poljak designed the logo, the website and the new coordinated image, starting from the symbolic suggestion of the door. A threshold, a gap, an emblem of a communication space between the inside and the outside, between the city administration and the city.

Logo design | Coordinated Image | Sito Web | Video | ADV

Studio LAIO – Video

Bergamo per i Giovani Logo
Bergamo per i Giovani cartellone

Responsive Website

A new portal for young people in Bergamo. Responsive, adaptable to all devices, highly indexable for search engines and easily manageable by the user.

Video making

In collaboration with Studio LAIO we have followed and documented the meetings of the forum #FUTUROPROSSIMO